Japanese Cougar Club 7

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Studio: Maiko
Finally! Some Japanese pussy that hasn’t been mosaic’d out of sight; now you can see well aged cougar cunts in all their glory as they get licked, vibed, fucked, and cream pied! This installment of “Japanese Cougar Club” brings you five deliciously soft bodies MILFs: Sanai Siraishi, Yuka Imai, Yuriko Hoshino, Mari Inui, and Yoshie Tabata. Enjoy the show!

Stars: Mari Inui, Sanae Siraishi, Yoshie Tabata, Yuka Imai, Yuriko Hoshino

Family Fantasies – MILF 502

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Studio: Red MILF Productions
You Are a Real Motherfucker Son!

Rachel’s friend Penny dropped by to visit. Rachel’s ex-stepson, Johnny, sat on the couch texting friends. Penny had not seen Rachel for a while and asked how she was getting along after the divorce. Rachel had been divorced for about 6 months. She asked Rachel if she had been dating anyone. Rachel had been on a few dates but really had not met anyone who she was interested in. Penny assured her she had not found the right person. Rachel quickly changed the subject. She went shopping that day and found the sexiest shoes. She bent over to pick up shoebox from floor, her back facing her ex’s son who was looking intently at her ass. Rachel bent over exposing the tops of her stockings. Johnny became aroused and began to rub the front of his pants. Penny sees Johnny’s reaction as Rachel straightens up to shows her friend her new 6 inch black stiletto pumps. “Wow,” says Penny. “They are sexy all right. Put them on and show them off.” Rachel blushed and modeled the shoes. “They make your legs so sexy, don’t they Johnny?” asked Penny. Rachel looked at Johnny and said, “Do you really think so?” Rachel felt a bit embarrassed. Penny suggested they should go shopping together some time soon, and Rachel thought that would be fun. Penny had to get home and asked if Johnny would give her a ride. Johnny shrugged and left with Penny. Johnny and Penny arrived at her place. She wanted to show him something that she thought he might like. Johnny sat down and waited. She went to her bedroom, removed her clothes and put on a garter belt, dark stockings and high heel pumps, with a skimpy bra and panties. She walked in to see Johnny who was shocked. She asked him if he liked the way she looked, and did he like older women, and he answered yes. She saw how he looked at Rachel when she bent over and when she wore the stiletto pumps. She embraced Johnny, kissing him and straddling him. She felt his cock in his pants. She removed his pants and shirt, and began to suck his cock. She removed her bra; he kissed her breasts and removed her panties. He continued to kiss her stocking legs and pussy. She responded, “Fuck me with that big hot cock, let me feel your balls banging my pussy. Let’s go into the bedroom.” Penny took him into the bedroom where he fucked the daylights out of her. He climaxed on her pussy. She exclaimed that was fantastic. She asks Johnny if he’d ever approached his stepmother about his feelings for her. Johnny said no he was embarrassed. Penny told him she would take care of it. Now, since the divorce, Rachel was no longer really his stepmom. The next day, Penny and Rachel return from shopping. Johnny was not home. Penny sat Rachel down to talk, she tells her a woman with her looks should be spending more time with men than shopping with women. Rachel agrees. Penny asks her what type of men attracts her. Rachel pauses and confides that young men attract her. Penny asks her if she has ever had sex with young men. Rachel told her no because they remind her of Johnny. Penny confesses she thinks he is very handsome and sexy. She tells Rachel about fucking him. Rachel gasped. Penny continued with the details. “He fucked me last night after he took me home, in fact I saw him looking at you when u wore those stiletto pumps, and you gave him a big hard on. I took advantage of that. I wore sexy lingerie and pretended I was you. It drove him wild. His big cock rammed me on and on. It was the best sex I have had in months.” Rachel could not believe what she is hearing. “Do not be so surprised,” said Penny. “I know a few women who have had sex with young men. It is not that uncommon. They are all adults, just like you and Johnny. It is no one’s business if it is your sexual satisfaction and happiness.” She relates a story about a mutual friend who has a sexual relationship with a younger man. Rachel began to soften and could see possibilities. Even if she wanted to try it, she would be embarrassed to initiate it or would not know what to say. Penny told her, “Leave it to me. I will plan the occasion and prime you for what to do. I will be seeing Johnny at my place tomorrow night. He will not know you will be there. I will get him started, and then you can appear dressed to kill in your sexy stockings, garter belt and stiletto pumps. He will not be able to resist you.” Rachel replies, “OK, I will try it, and I hope you are right.” The following evening, Johnny arrived at Penny’s house. They sat on the sofa and begin to make out. Soon, Johnny had all his clothes off. He licked her pussy, and she sucked his cock. Rachel was watching from the doorway. Johnny did not realize his fantasy older woman was watching. After some time, Penny told Johnny she has a surprise for him. Rachel walked in wearing a very sporty slip and brief panties with stiletto pumps. She walked over to Johnny and began teasing him, saying she knew that seeing her in stockings and pumps made his cock hard. Rachel knows he will like this private show. In her hands, she had a garter belt and seamed stockings. She sat down next to Johnny, removed her shoes and slowly put on the garter belt and one stocking. Rachel stroked her leg and then put on the other stocking, attaching both to garter belt suspenders. “Do you like the way I look, Johnny?” she asked as she put on her pumps and walked over to him. He stroked her legs and kissed them, kissing around the garter suspenders. She removed her short slip. “Do you like these breasts, too?” She then sat and removed her panties, and he kissed her pussy and breasts. She felt his cock so hard and full of cum. Rachel sucked Johnny’s cock eagerly. They kissed passionately. “Are you going to fuck me now, Johnny, with that hard cock?” she begs. He says, “I have wanted to fuck you for so long.” Off to the bedroom all three went. Rachel immediately starts sucking his cock while Penny watches and pleasures herself. He pushes her back on the bed and slides into her pussy. Rachel can feel his balls hitting her pussy as he fucks the older woman hard. Penny keeps moving closer to the bed until she is sitting right next to them. Johnny pulls his cock out of Rachel and shoots a load on her pussy. Rachel motions Penny over to lick the cum off her pussy.

Stars: Penny, Rachel Steele

Family Fantasies – MILF 748

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Studio: Red MILF Productions
Taboo Stories, Father Son Retaliate

Sara worked two jobs trying to help out with her step-son’s college. Her husband and Brycen had been very lazy because she was not home a lot anymore. This infuriated her when she would come home exhausted to a messy house. One day she let them have it. They both rolled their eyes at her as she went off. Sara left the room pissed off. Brycen heard his step-mother yell from the kitchen as she rattled the pots and pans. She told him to study for his exam. Brycen flipped through a pile of books he hardly even cracked yet. He came across a special book. He showed it to his dad, they both chuckled. They did not really believe in it. Brycen heard more banging around in the kitchen and read a few paragraphs. He got an idea to try it out on his mom. He ran the idea past his dad and they went into the kitchen. Brycen convinced her to sit and relax. He used her own silver pendant to sway back and forth. Sara followed the pendant with her tired eyes. She began to feel limp. Brycen loved his step-mom and they had a great relationship so his voice was soothing to her subconscious mind. Sara began to drift away. Brycen told her to close her eyes bringing her deeper into a state of bliss. Brycen said a few simple commands and Sara responded without hesitation. He continued to test her and she was his robot. Dad was amazed; he stood by reading more in the book. Brycen suggested they take her down to the basement and try out more commands, maybe get her to do all the laundry? They sat her on the couch. Sara was wearing a skimpy summer dress. Her long legs looked firm and smooth. Brycen had her perform a couple more simple commands to make sure she was still under. Brycen and his dad had no sexual secrets. They were more buddies than father and son. Brycen got a crazy idea to see if she was really would do what he told her to do. He commanded his mother to give his father a blow job! Mike laughed and commented she had not done that for years. Sara turned with a serene look on her face and unzipped his pants. She sucked his cock like a pro! Dad and son were shocked. Brycen’s cock grew as he watched his step-mother suck away. He commanded she lift up her dress. He gave her a dildo and told her to masturbate. They decided to ratchet it up a couple notches. Brycen‘s cock was throbbing so he commanded her to suck his cock. His father laughed, Sara grabbed onto her step-son’s hard member and without hesitation she blew him. Dad was now the voyeur. He stood at the back of the couch with the book in his hand reading away. Sara sucked and stroked her step-son’s cock. Brycen stripped the sun dress off her and put her doggy style on the couch. He looked at his father for approval. His father nodded his head and Brycen thrust himself deep inside his step-mother’s wet pussy. He commanded her to enjoy everything. Sara began to act like she was cum hungry. Dad watched in amazement and soon joined in, she was a prude in their bed. Brycen fucked his step-mother in several positions until he was ready to explode. He told her to open her mouth to receive his cum. He blasted a huge load all over her face. Dad quickly slipped his cock back into her mouth and face fucked her until he covered her with cum as well. They told her when she awoke she would not remember what happened. They cleaned her up and said the word. Leaving her in the basement to do the laundry. Sara was now her family’s sex slave.

Stars: Sara James, Brycen Ward

Deutsche Hausfrauen – Mit 40 Wird Man Erst So Richtig Geil

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Studio: Foxy Media
These German housewives are quite horny as you will see. They’re more mature and all they want to do is suck cock and get fucked. No matter what time of day or night or where, they want sexual satisfaction. Nines scenes of hardcore sex including anal and DP. These horny ladies can’t wait to have that nice warm load either. They know what they want and get it.

Cocktail Moms

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Studio: Bluebird Films
Let the happy hour begin! You need to watch out when you mix alcoholic beverages and MILFs. Watch these drinking moms as they use their years of experience to reel in the young guys! Featuring Diana Doll, Velicity Von, Michelle Lay, India Summer and Sky Taylor!

Stars: Sky Taylor, Michelle Lay, India Summer, Velicity Von, Diana Doll, Kris Slater, Johnny Castle, Dane Cross, T.J. Cummings, Seth Gamble

Experienced Vol.1 (Disc 2)

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Studio: Kelly Madison Productions
Go behind the scenes to see the making of Experienced. Once again Kelly Madison Media brings you the hottest, sexiest MILFs in their newest release. Get to know the stars of your favorite Kelly Madison scenes with interviews and other fun behind the scenes footage. These red hot cougars can’t wait to get to know you a little better! Experienced features Cherie Deville, Julia Ann, Summer Brielle, Ava Addams and stars Ryan and Kelly Madison.

Stars: Ava Addams, Summer Brielle , Cherie DeVille, Julia Ann, Kelly Madison, Ryan Madison

Experienced Vol.1 (Disc 1)

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Studio: Kelly Madison Productions
Once again Kelly Madison Media brings you the hottest, sexiest MILFs in their newest release, Experienced. These red hot cougars have the passion and knowledge to drain every drop of cum out of your cock. Experienced features Cherie Deville, Julia Ann, Summer Brielle, Ava Addams and stars Ryan and Kelly Madison.

Scene 1: Julia Ann and Kelly Madison took to the crowded streets of Hollywood to be praised and gawked at. They’ve spent most of the day together teasing and making each other wet to prepare for the events that are going to take place in the evening. After a being the eye candy for dozens of unhappily married men on the streets, they receive a phone call from Ryan. He tells them to meet him at his hotel room so that the real fun can begin.

Scene 2: Ava Addams is visiting the Madison house on a hot summer day, looking to get wet any which way she can. Lucky for her, Ryan is a good host and fills her desires with plenty of cold water to soak her body in and a hard cock to soak her panties with. After some fun water play in the sun, Ryan decides to hose her pussy down with his cock until its filled to the top with cum.

Scene 3: We picked beautiful Summer up from the gym. Her pussy was nice and sweaty after a long, hard workout so we pulled over on the side of the freeway to lick and eat her essence while everyone watches. Then we took her home. She cleaned up, she put on her business clothes and proceeded with her day until we barge in and cum deep inside her perfect, little, summer pussy!

Scene 4: Cherie Deville and Ryan were out catching all the early happy hour specials and taking shots upon shots, so that when they got back to Ryan’s place, they would be feeling loose and in the right state of mind to do whatever the fuck they want to each other. After sloppily stumbling into the house they waste no time at all to get to fucking and filling holes.

Stars: Julia Ann, Kelly Madison, Ava Addams, Summer Brielle , Cherie DeVille, Ryan Madison

Private Lustschweine – Alte Fotzen Brauchens Hart

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Studio: Mega-Film
Mega-film is extremely pumped to introduce you to Private Lustschweine – Alte Fotzen Brauchens Hart. And the dominant theme of the movie is older, German women being paired up with younger lovers for explosive results! For example, in the first scene we are treated to seeing a pretty woman in her fifties being paired up with two hard studs for a scorching hot threesome!

How To Seduce A MILF

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Studio: Shane’s World Studios
Have you ever fantasized about getting with a MILF? Does your MILF game need some tuning up? Did you know there are different kinds of MILFs? Julia Ann and James Deen will show you how to seduce the sophisticated and beautiful MILF. Allison Moore will introduce you to the world of the just-turned MILF. And for those of you who already know how to seduce a MILF, India Summer and Michael Vegas have a special treat for that kinky MILF in your life. Get wild with Sarah Vandella and her naughty cougar juice. These MILFs know what you want and they’re all going to give it to you. Hard, wet, pounding fun awaits.

Stars: India Summer, Sarah Vandella, Lyla Storm, Allison Moore, Julia Ann, Tony Martinez, Dane Cross, Michael Vegas, Brad Tyler, James Deen

The After Party

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Studio: MOMXXX
Franco and Vicktoria had a great night out together. They made it to their friend’s party and had a fantastic time. However, it started to get late and Vicktoria had already given Franco signs that she wanted to take the after party back to his apartment! Rocco and Vicktoria engage in a serious and sensual love making session that is full of passion and intense action.

Stars: Vicktoria, Franco Roccaforte

Cock Craving Cougars 2

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Studio: Pornstar Platinum
If you let a stacked pornstar mature like a fine wine, soon you’re going to have a vicious, prowling cougar on your hands! These ladies have been at it for years, and when they have a craving for stiff, young cock that can spring up at a moment’s notice, they know just how to hunt for it! We loved dirty talking Ava Devine’s savage fuck fest at the hands of Justice Young, and Wolf Hudson getting sensual with Sexy Vanessa! And don’t miss the coup de gras when Wolf returns to go head to head with evil stepmother Veronica Avluv for some delicious hate fucking!

Stars: Veronica Avluv, Eva Notty, Ava Devine, Erica Lauren, Sexy Vanessa, Jessy Jones, Jerry, Justice Young, Wolf Hudson

Seduced By Mommy 9

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Studio: Filly Films
Mother may know best, and what they know is that these young ladies are young, fresh and ripe for the seduction they have in mind! These MILFs have a sugary sweet craving for that sweet nectar! With a little time and attention these mamas are ready to dive deep in a freshly shaved muff and show these little lesbians what Sapphic love is all about in four finger-licking scenes!

Stars: Nikki Daniels, Allison Moore, Aaliyah Love, Jennifer Best, Abby Cross, Ashlyn Molloy, Taylor Whyte, Tara Morgan

Granny’s Got A Bone 2

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Studio: 7th Street Media
Leona and Marketa are horny for some anal play and within minutes of retrieving their handy dildos we find them thrashing and stuffing their granny holes like there’s no tomorrow! Anna…well she’s so hot for some alone time she doesn’t even make it to the back hole. It’s all about that sweet pink up front and getting a quick one in! Bet you didn’t know Grannys could get down like that.

Stars: Marketa (ii), Anna, Leona

Love To Be Gangbanged 4

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Studio: At Home Horny Productions
When the Sexy Scorpion is in the building…all sorts of kinky fun follows! She’s a fuck-stravagant party by herself, but when she calls her friends to join the party – that’s when the real fun begins! She loves to be gang banged. Watch her and her girlfriend get the party started with blowjobs that lead to facials before they take turns strapping up and fucking each other’s eager holes! Double vaginal penetration, condom dripping, finger cuffing, facials and more are just some of the kinky acts this group performs to push each other over the orgasmic edge!

Stars: Sexyscorpionxxx

Grandma Loves Big Black Cocks 2

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Studio: Nexx Level Productions
Jenna XXX has experienced a lifetime of memories – literally, she’s old. She’s a “grandma”. But this grandma has one more experience that she just has to have – big black cock. She gets her wish granted in a hotel room, and she gets to cram her greedy face with a fat cock, and gets her vaginal walls busted before taking a thick load on her anxious tongue.

Stars: Jenna XXX

87 & Still Banging

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Studio: Metropolis
When leading lady Rose Agree was born in 1910, automobiles were just replacing horses; women couldn’t vote; the movies were silent; bread cost a nickel and the Great Flu Epidemic was still seven years in the future. Radio, and even telephones, were in their infancy. But we digress.

This video is a tribute to the indomitable power of the sex drive of the human female! You’re never going to look at Grandma the same way again. Plus enjoy some other beauty cuties from our stable of performers.

Stars: Kathy Jones, Carole Troy, Anna Lisa, Rose Agree , Ron Jeremy, Will Ravage, Alex Sao Paolo

Japanese Cougar Club 2

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Studio: Maiko
They may seem shy and obedient, but these Japanese MILFs are ready to shed their inhibitions and do whatever it takes to get the sex that they crave! Finger fucking, pussy eating, dick sucking, dildos, vibrators and creampies are just some of the kinky acts these hot mama-sans perform to get their fill of hot cock and man-cream as a reward for a job well done in five hardcore, pussy pummeling scenes! Cum join the party and let these ladies love you long time!

Stars: Makoto Abe, Natsuki Mishima, Toshie Enami, Satomi Endou, Megumi Inamura

Family Fantasies – MILF 1005

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Studio: Red MILF Productions
The Organization

Ms. Steele decided to leave the corporate world. She was one of the few invited to join an underground organization. She was aware she would need to give up her life as she knew it. No more contact with family or friends. Her identity would be changed and she would be relocated. Ms. Steele was not convinced that she was willing to give up so much. The Boss wanted her and was going to get her. After her interview, the boss placed a diamond ring on her hand. He told her it was just a token of more to come if she joined his organization. She admired it. Then she felt strange, his words seemed mumbled. He told her to wear it and keep it even if she decided not to join. Ms. Steele did not know the ring was a special device. She slipped it on and that was all that she remembered. The next thing she knew was waking up tied to his desk on the floor. She was in a designer dress and sexy heels. He stood her up and felt her curvy body. Ms. Steele moaned with pleasure. She wanted only to please this handsome man. The boss put a diamond bracelet on her wrist. He kissed her passionately. The bracelet was a device that would continue to alter Ms. Steel forever. The next few days where all about him training Ms. Steele. She was the perfect student. He kept her tied to his desk and he took her home at night. She slept on a sofa in his master suite tied of course. She wore sexy lingerie he picked out for her. One evening he could not resist her and he untied her bringing her to his bed. Ms. Steele was infatuated with this man; she would sit on the couch and smell his cologne on his tie, fantasizing about what it would be like to give herself completely to him. Now it was true he asked her to his bed. He slowly undressed her. She knelt between his legs and took his cock into her mouth. She pressed her breasts into his face while she stroked his cock. He reached between her legs and found her wet and ready. He laid her back against the pillows and licked her pussy. He slid his fingers into her as he licked and sucked her to orgasm. He straddled her and fed her his cock. She opened her mouth and throat to him. He kissed her and told her that he was ready to take her. He entered her from behind. He kissed her neck as he stroked in and out of her. He moved her to her knees and fucked her doggy style. She rolled over onto her back so she could see his face while he fucked her. She told him that she wanted to ride him. He lay on his back and she mounted his hard cock. She bounced up and down on him and came again and again. He was ready to cum. When he came, it shot out all over Ms. Steele, her face, mouth, and hair. She looked deep into his beautiful brown eyes as he exploded all over her. She was his forever. Ms. Steele picked up the rope offering it to him, but he knew she was trained now so he tossed it away. She was now in The Organization and anyone who knew her in the past had no idea what happened to her. Ms. Steele belonged to The Boss now and forever.

Stars: Rachel Steele, Adam Tattaglia

Harvey The Handyman

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Studio: ms_indeep Productions
When our gorgeous Grandma hires Harvey the Handyman to fix her windows, she never expected such a sexy, fit black man to show up at her door! She flirts a little, bending over in her short skirt to show off her sexy granny ass, before getting a chance to see Harvey’s tool collection. There’s one tool in particular that she’s interested in… and it’s perfect for drilling.

Stars: Mistress InDeep, Harvey

Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger Vol. 46

Video: Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger Vol. 46 Watch This Video!

Studio: Girlfriends Films
Lesbian Seduction at its finest; old and young, and their only sin in unconventional love. The revealing twisted road from desire to pursuit and surrender. Mature women licking sweet young pussy, completely satisfied with their newest pickings. The cougars have their prey in sight, and the only thing left to do is pounce.

Stars: Bree Daniels, Rilee Marks, Alice March, Raylene, India Summer, Syren De Mer, Shyla Jennings